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How Indian Films have Influenced American Film?

The Indian movie industry has been a great influence when it comes to the production of American Films. Though American films have been accepted all over the world, it is some of the things that have been borrowed from Indian films and other international films that have brought out the beauty of these films.

Here are some of the ways that Indian films have impacted American films:


Indian songs: Some of the American films have featured Indian songs such as Deadpool that has featured songs such as Mera Joota Hai Japani and Kabhi Humne Nahin Socha Tha. Inside Man has also featured a popular Indian song Chaiyya Chaiyya.





Increased collaboration: Indian movie makers and American movie makers have increased their collaboration in their production. For instance, Anil Ambani has invested millions of dollars in a movie production collaboration with Steven Spielberg.





Remake of Indian movies: There are some Hollywood movies that are a remake of Indian movies such as; ‘A Common Man’, which is a remake of the Indian movie ‘A Wednesday’, ‘Delivery Man’ is a remake of ‘Vicky Donor’, and Fear which is a remake of ‘Darr’.




Incorporation of popular Indian actors: Some of the popular actors in Hollywood movies are Indians which further shows how deep the influence of the Indian movies is on Hollywood movies. Some of the characters in Hollywood movies are dressed like Indians to convey a particular message.

The cost of producing Hollywood movies is very high where a movie will cost about $50 million. Indian movies, on the other hand, cost less with the production of a movie being $1.5 million. When Hollywood and Indian filmmakers meet, they will exchange ideas on ways they can reduce the cost of production so that they can be able to sell the movies at a lower price and still make huge profits.

As you can see from the above points, the Hollywood movie industry has been largely influenced by Indian films which have made the movies more diverse and interesting.

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